Friday, May 28, 2010

Last one!!! :)))

Throughout this year I wrote 34 post! Pretty much all my blogs were school based. I usually did them in English class or in my study hall. Honestly, i did not expect any comments on my post at all from teachers and students. I had 11 comments on my post all together. The one i had the most comments on was my homecoming blog activity. I think i had the most comments on that because i wrote what i did with my friends homecoming week. Everybody does different things during the week and maybe it gave them ideas on what to do. The post that i enjoyed writing the most would have to be my summer highlight. What happened to me in the summer of 09 i will never forget and i just had fun writing about it. I learned a good lesson that summer. Probably the best one in awhile. Our English teacher made us change our themes on what we posted about. They were always something different. I think she did this because she knew us. She knew that if we did the same thing every time we would get bored doing it. Throughout all my blog post i have 6 widgets. This is the perfect amount. It is not to many but yet it is not to little. The widgets that i put on are short and let you know what you want to right away.

After writing this post i had my friend Lisa read it. Her reaction was pretty shocking. When writing anything i think i do bad. But when Lisa got done with it she said it was very good. The thing that most captured her attention was how i explained everything how i felt about it. Some things that i could improve is going in a little deeper in my explanations. She also said i could use a little better transitions. It distracted her that it was one big paragraph.