Thursday, September 24, 2009


Homecoming!! Well where to start? First of all this week I'm always waiting for. Its so fun and amazing. We get to do a lot of stuff with our friends. From dressing up to playing powderpuff football and the activities at lunch we all are just having a blast! I think Homecoming is like the best week/weekend ever well maybe besides prom or going to state. Although the dressing up ideas are getting old i still like doing it. But i gotta admit the game and the dance make up for it!! Ohh and don't forget toilet papering, that is also a ton of fun... As long as we don't get caught that is!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahh English!?!

This years English class is way different then other years before. We use the computers like everyday and years before we'd be lucky if we used them once every to weeks. This year we talk to more people then just those in our grade and school. We associate with people that don't live in our state; like our epal person. Our English class this year is way more interesting. It's by far the best out of all the years.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summerrr!! :)))

Well to me the highlight of my summer was when we got a new four-wheeler. The guy that we bought it from needed money so my dad bought it instantly. Not long after we got it, maybe a month or two, i crashed it. At our house there is literally like 20,000 trees everywhere. One night when we were playing four-wheeler tag i was going to fast for my lights and i smashed into a tree. I knew right away that i had broken my wrist and messed up my hip. I didn't wanna get into trouble so i went to the house and acted like nothing was wrong. The next day at like one i decided to tell my mom and she took me to the doctor. I had to have surgery and pins put in, which sucked. When my dad found out he wasn't as mad as i thought he would be. He just made me pay for the four-wheeler to get fixed. Still today the four-wheeler isn't fixed and my hip still hurts every now and then. I also have three scars on my wrist, but that's minor.